Popeye: “Popeye Meets Hercules” (1948)

Paramount Studios, director Bill Tytla

Terry Toons: “Somewhere in Egypt” (1943)

with Gandy Goose and Sourpuss, 6 min.

From IMDB: “It’s wartime in occupied Egypt, and Sourpuss and Gandy Goose are stationed, apparently, right in front of the Sphinx. Gandy plays a soothing, exotic melody as Sourpuss drifts off to sleep, where he dreams that he and Gandy have ridden a magic carpet into the ancient Egyptian tombs. At first they seem scary, and darn Gandy can’t keep his hands from fiddling with things that could be booby traps. But the adventure takes a turn for the better, as the tomb becomes filled with sexy, scantily clad kitties.”

Mighty Mouse: “The Trojan Horse” (1946)

Terry Toons production, 6 minutes

This is the 25th short in the “Mighty Mouse” series, produced by Paul Terry of Terry Toons, which also produced an “Aesop’s Fables” series during this period.

In this short, the story of the Trojan War is retold with the mice as the Trojans and the cats as the Greeks. After a ridiculously Orientalizing introduction to Priam’s court featuring sexy belly-dancing female mice, the cats are shown deploying the horse. The mice call on Mighty Mouse to save the day. He swoops down from the heavens and succeeds in fighting off the cats. The Trojan mice win the battle and Mighty Mouse is rewarded with lots of love from the sexy lady mice.

Just like Homer, right??


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