Run, Melos! [走れメロス!] (2009, 3rd version)

A retelling in two 23-minute episodes as part of the Aoi Bungaku Series (Blue Literature Series) television anime series (episodes 9-10).

In this version, a playwright writes a play based on the story “Run, Melos”, and deals with his own feelings of betrayal towards his childhood friend.

See also the post on the 1981 version here and the 1992 version here


Jason and the Heroes of Mt. Olympus [Jason et les héros de l’Olympe] (2001-2002)

One season of 26 episodes (22 min. each in length); French TV series produced by Night Storms Productions and Saban Entertainment.

From Wikipedia: “Jason is a twelve-year-old with fantasies of becoming a hero just like those in the mythological battles of the antiquity…His dreams become a reality when he climbs to the top of Mt. Olympus and fulfills an ancient prophecy. Jason is the “chosen one”: Jupiter, King of the Immortals, gives him the Belt of Orion which allows him to exist on Mt. Olympus and gives him control of the universe. The evil Dracchus seeks the all-powerful amulet and it is up to Jason to keep the belt and save Mt. Olympus!”


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